Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Baby Shower"

Recently a friend and I decorated for a "Bird Themed" baby shower, at our church. It was so much fun.Here are just a few of the pics.

We made a cup cake stand .I am a big fan of cup cake towers!The stand is made from three different size cake plates. These stands had rounded edges and you need flat edges on the plates for cup cakes. We put glass over each cake plate trimmed with eyelet. The cup cakes are topped with birds nests filled with blue and green candy almonds. The nests are made from toasted coconut. Some of the eggs have hatched and so there are chicks on some . We purchased scrap book paper in 5 different patterns to make birds, a banner, and other various decorations. You can see one of the little birds sitting on the table. His feet were made from swigs we hot glued into a v shape.The idea was to make the decorations have a patch quilt design, different papers but having coordinated colors . The bird house roof is covered with the scrapes of paper left from making the birds and banner.

We filled aqua blue canning jars with fresh flowers from the yard and some weeds I pulled up from the side of the road.

These are hydrangeas from my sisters house; the pink water in the bowl was made with red and blue food coloring . It was simple but cute.

I so enjoy doing things like this. The best part is having friends and family to do it with.
GOD has blessed me with a wonderful church family. They are truly my family and are a joy to be with.


Ruth Ann said...

I love doing creative things and pulling a theme together! Y'all did such a great job, and all the little details make it so nice. =) Baby showers are so much fun!

Under Southern Skies said...

The cupcake tower and the theme are cute! :)

A Heart of Praise said...

Wow, everything looks beautiful!! That cupcake tower is cute:).

Under Southern Skies said...

Hi Mrs. B!

I haven't been to your blog for awhile now, but I wanted to say that I miss your blogging!