Thursday, February 25, 2010

Broken Ankle

Sorry I have not been posting, here is my excuse! Pray that I might be up and going again soon, if it is the LORD's will. Sorry I did not explain what happened! My family went on vacation this year it was the first since we were married. The kids wanted to see snow so we went to the mountains. We had a wonderful time! Well my family wanted to go ice-skating, I have never ice-skated and was planning on just taking pictures of them skating. My dear husband had dreams of skating together (: so I went. I was not out there five min. when I broke my ankle. We were skating outside and it had snowed. There was 2ft. of snow in front of the railing and I could not get to it. My skates got stuck up in the snow and when I tried to get out my ankle twisted and went down sideways braking my ankle. On the good side it did not swell bad at first since I was on the ice, it was cold!!