Thursday, June 10, 2010

"All Wrapped Up"

Giving gifts is such a joy; I do believe I enjoy giving them more than receiving them. Just to bring a little bit of joy to someone else brings the greatest pleasure. It is not just the gift I like, it is the packaging also; making that gift special for each person. Today it is so easy to just go out and buy paper, gift bags and purchase a card.We do not take the time to put ourselves into anything anymore. Hear is a simple idea.

I used buttons, ribbon, a hot glue gun, brown packaging paper and a box that had a separate lid.

I wrapped the lid and box separate

I did find and buy( yes I bought it ready made, only because it was perfect), a blank flower card. It was a real photo of a flower. I think it turned out nice. My niece will be very happy on her birthday.


Ruth Ann said...

this is gorgeous!

I love giving gifts as well, but my huge weakness is not wanting to purchase gift wrap and not having [or forcing myself to have] creativity to make it more personal and less expensive. Often I'll have the gift way ahead of time but it gets given late or unwrapped because I don't know how to package it. :-/

I'd love for you to do more posts like this! Love the creativity, and it does make it way more personal. =)

lemons to lemonade said...

Thank You Ruth Ann. I know some are more creative than others. It's really a lost art. Ladies at one time were taught to, draw,paint,sew,decorate etc.

I will be glad to do more posts like this.(: