Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Journey

Lord let me stay within your hands
Keep me oh Lord from devising my own plans.
May I continue to give myself fully unto you;
For I know that is what you desire for me to do.

Lord may I be obedient to thy word;
So I may not reap wrongs I have stored.
For your blessings are on me
When that still small voice I hear;
But when I turn my eyes towards the world
My heart is filled with fear.

Elohim He is my Creator
El Elyon my all sovereign Lord
El Roi sees my innermost being
El Shaddi my all- sufficient one.

My Lord has many names
But my Lord God, He is one.
May I learn to love and trust in Him;
On this journey, We have only just begun.


Grace said...

Beautiful poem! Did you write it?

lemons to lemonade said...

Thank you Grace. Yes I did write it years ago.