Saturday, February 18, 2012

King Richard III

First of all I desperately need a new camera. This one has had it all my pics are blurry. With that said, my newest project is making bookmarks. This is a pen and ink done on wet canvas. The canvas is not wet but you can use wet mediums on it such as ink and watercolor. I do not have the time to do many large projects, bookmarks I can handle. You might think, big or small what difference does it make, you could just do it when you have the time. The problem is when I draw or paint I tend to zone out and can think of nothing else, small projects can be done and finished and I want ignore my family.
It has been a long time sense I have worked with pen and ink; I had to practice some before getting started. Adding color to the cape was scary, but it turned out alright, I just need a finer pen next time. I have started a new pen and ink bookmark but I am doing it on heavy watercolor paper. I am trying to decide what I like best. I would like to get some prints of the bookmarks and maybe sale some. Hope you are finding ways to be creative. God bless.

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