Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tomato Time

"My husband is not planting cups"

"Small tomato plant"

Our garden! The big plants are potatoes.

It is gardening time again! I just can’t wait to take a bite out of a, garden fresh, tomato! I do love tomatoes! I have friends that do not like them, but I over look that fault.: ) We keep the tomato farmers in business during the winter months. I have a green house, and I always plan to grow tomatoes in it, during the winter, but so far it has not happened yet. This year we are growing heirlooms in hopes the tomatoes will produce the whole season. The hybrids do not seem to last.
In the past we have had problems with cut warms; these little guys go along the ground and just, Timmmmmber, down go’s the plant. My husband puts a cup, on each of the plants, and this puts a stop to their logging. The first time my husband did this, his brother picked on him saying that, "my husband must be confused, that it was cut warms, not cup warms." His brother’s laughter turned to sorrow when the little loggers cut his tomato plants, to the ground. :( In case you are wondering ,why not blue or clear cups? My husband uses red cups because he read that the color red stimulates growth in tomato plants. "Most tomatoes do seem to be partial to red."

My sweet husband comes up with some very interesting ideas that always seem to work. Last year we did have beautiful plants and an abundance of tomatoes. But God is the master gardener, so he may have given us a good crop despite our strange gardening techniques.
Let’s see, what shall I make first, maybe tomato and basil salad or tomato sandwiches or marinara sauce ooooor, maybe I should not count my chickens before they hatch.
Happy Gardening. (:


Summer said...

hey hunny! I just had to tell you, even though I live in a 2nd story apt with a parking lot view I still have a green thumb, I bought a tomato plant and a pepper plant last week, good idea with the cup, I can use it in the planter as well. I also have about 10 other pot with all kinds of colorful flowers and a tree. I wanted to do the bright taracota(however its spelled) look, but the pots are so expencive, so I bought cheap plastic ones and spraypainted them, my porch is very bright and beautiful!

Lemons To Lemonade said...

If you have sunshine you can have a garden!Your pots sound great and painting them is a good idea. You can pobably find some that have been trashed and fix them up. I hope I will get a chance soon to see your porch!(:

Under Southern Skies said...

That is interesting about the cups. :) Your garden is looking nice.

Lauren said...

I hope you have a bunch of tomatoes! I'm one of the people who doesn't like them, but I like foods with tomatoes in them (salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc). Your garden does look nice, and I like why your husband uses red cups. That made me laugh.