Saturday, March 29, 2008

Homemade Gifts

We have a newlywed couple at our church and we, the ladies, wanted to do something special for them. We have been working on a cook book. A friend of mine gave me the idea. It has been a lot of fun! Most of the work was done on Publisher and Excel. The photo album has a thick plastic cover, over canvas, which will keep it clean, as do each page. The picture in the center is a oil pastel drawing of grapes. On the second page is a photo of the couple, all of the lady's signatures are around it . There is also an index page to list all of the yummy recipes. We have a Bread, Main Meal and Dessert section; you could do a lot more, but we are a very small church. There are also bible verses and cooking tips scattered throughout the book. Also there is a picture, with each recipe and serving suggestions, so she will know what each dish looks like and what is good to serve with it. I like cook books with pictures! In the back is some pictures and instructions on: napkin folding, table setting and quantities for feeding crowds. It is so much more fun making gifts than buying them. (:


Under Southern Skies said...

That is such a neat idea, I'm sure that she will love it!
I love the new look to your blog, it is gorgeous!


What a good idea for a gift! :) I like doing things like that. Homemade gifts are fun to make and receive! :)

About changing the font on your header. I'm not really sure how to do it other then writing the words directly on the picture (using publisher, or paint show) and then uploading the picture. I make all my headers on paint show. It would be nice if Blogger had more of a variety of fonts. I hope that helps. :)

I really like your new blog design! Very pretty. :)

Summer said...

Hello! Your blog is beautiful! I love the page it is so neat. I'm excited about the recipes to try and the encouragement it has. The picture of liberty with the apple is so precious; it is my desktop background now. I will be checking back to see what’s new and can’t wait to try the apple pizza!